Do you know how to gain muscle? Prepare to slow down and have better dynamics

If you are slimming, you are also brisk and you are running well. But you would still take some extra pounds. Like muscle, how different. We asked John Wolf, coach and nutrition adviser to one person how to do it. You may be surprised, but the muscles can also be picked up by running.
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“Every sport is unique in its own way, it has its characteristic features that are signed on those who run it. At first sight, the characters of the individual trainees are visible. When you put the struts and marathons beside you, you will know who is who. Everyone has their genetic prerequisites for a certain type of sport, but this does not mean that the ectomorph could not gain muscle mass and the endomorph could not run a marathon. It’s just a lot more work and it’s much more of a diet, “explains John Wolf, Coach of CrossFit Iron Land and Nutrition Advisor.

If we are runners on long runs and do not have the top results, but rather the overall fitness and workout balance, it is not a problem with a bit of patience to get some extra muscles. It helps us not only achieve the desired appearance, but also improve body firming and gain more strength, which we will appreciate in everyday life. If we decide, we have to adjust the two components: training units and diet.

Strength training: your weight and exercise are sufficient

“Certainly, it will be necessary to supplement the aerobic load for strength training and high intensity training. Under force training, however, we do not have to imagine the lifting of heavy 200 pounds dumbbells, “says John Wolf, with the fact that it is initially rich enough to work with his own body.” The ideal conditions for this type of training can be found in crossfit gyms. Here you can still develop your fitness and at the same time the gym is destined to work with your own body (trapezes, circles, boxes, ropes, etc.).We will not shut down complex and static machines here, “he adds.

As far as the basic training plan is concerned, consider that you will need to include the force component at least twice a week, provided two or three more training sessions are running.” Another option is to include a power part in every running training,” recommends John Wolf.“Generally, one should practice at least three times a week in order for the body to be able to respond and switch to the athlete mode,” he adds.

“I would base the development of the force component on the work of my own body: squats, handles, Englishmen, various kinds of leanings, shingles on the bar, work on circles. All of these exercises can be applied more or less anywhere, which is an advantage, “recommends the coach and at the same time strongly emphasizes the main principle of strength training – doing all the exercises technically right. Otherwise, you may experience more problems than exercise, or the results may come much later than in the case of high-quality exercises.

“For example, the Crossfit Boxes focus on the correct handling of the exercises, where you can instill the technique in your head and you are able to practice the exercises anywhere and yourself,” says John Wolf.

Muscular dynamics provide simple tools as well as fast sprinters

For a beginner, but also a runner who does not want to get a bodybuilder figure, but rather just shape and shape, his own weight is enough. However, to develop muscle dynamics, it is not a matter of pulling even some simpler (but not quite light) tools. An example might be good old medicine and a practice called wall ball, that is, throw a ball from a squat on a target at a height in front of you.“Wall ball beautifully develops the force component and at the same time strengthens the center of the body and develops our dynamics,” explains John Wolf. It has to be recalled that the center of the body often neglects the runners, which leads to an unstoppable attitude during the run, back pain or lower performance.(We wrote about the strong center of the body as a basis for each sport.)

“Another great helper is kettlebell – a grateful, assistant we can take everywhere with us to engage in the exercise with the whole body and weighing up the resistance we have to overcome – which is what we want,” says the coach. Again, he draws attention to the need to perform the exercises correctly and to the fact that the basics of weight lifting significantly affect our dynamics and body work in general. This will be useful not only in running but also in everyday life.

Asked whether the muscles can be picked up by running, John Wolf is positive. Marathoners and other lovers of endless races will have to prepare for a dramatic change in their cross-country training. “We need to change distances and intervals between intervals. The persistent is running at a constant pace for a long time. However, if we wanted to develop a force component, we would have to dramatically shorten the range of runs to fifty, sixty, a hundred to two hundred meters and increase the series. Spins should be done at maximum intensity and increased pauses between each repetition – even 1:10 in order to be able to always give maximum performance, “the coach advises.

Eat Grunt: Dine two times and do not forget about proteins

All of these advice would be far less effective if we were not at least basically concerned about modifying the diet. If we go to work, then we will do an hour of training and “forget to” eat, only improve the condition and perhaps even lose weight. “When harvesting muscle, we need to increase the percentage of protein per kilogram of body weight according to individual disposition. In addition, it is necessary to include “pottage” in the form of a hydrolyzate or a gainer. And add a second dinner in the form of cottage cheese or casein drink. Additionally, add macronutrients to work properly, “says John Wolf.

how to gain muscle

They give advice to not only how to practice but also how to eat to make the result optimal. She knows well that the gastronomic part of the training plan is very individual. “Everyone reacts to something different and there is no exact formula that would apply to everyone. Therefore, it is not wrong to talk to a nutritionist. Food can help us a lot, but it can also spoil our efforts if we do not know it, “he warns.

Moreover, muscles are not just a nicer and stronger figure, more strength or endurance, but also “side effects” that we have to count like a runner, especially if we are aiming to fight for a “box” in races. “Long-distance runners must count on increasing their overall weight with increasing muscle mass, and every kilometer with the mileage they will know. The body consumes more oxygen and will be a little more demanding, “says John Wolf.

At the same time, it emphasizes that for a “common population” that is running for joy, the inclusion of force training in the plan is the best step they can do. “With training, benefits such as strengthening the body, better overcoming daily activities (wearing the purchase, lifting children in the arms, cleaning, etc.), compensating sedentary work and, last but not least, positive changes in our overall appearance and psychic mood,” says the coach. Another (and certainly not a negligible benefit) is the assumption of a faster reduction in weight gain.(About how muscle can help women lose weight, we wrote in this article.)

As an athlete, we know that nothing is free – and muscles any more. According to John Wolf, the perseverance and the quality of the workout are the way to success: “It takes a while for the body to switch to the new regime, it wants to be patient, not to take precedence over quantity and to stay for more than fourteen days,” he says. In such a period, your body will get used to new training, and you will be entertained. And you will also notice first results.